Age of Warscape: Origins

Age of Warscape: Origins (AoWS:O) is a set of stories that tell tales of what takes place before the Great War. Age of Warscape: Origins was created in order to help explain the backstory behind the game, along with expand on its lore by telling tales of seemingly minor events. Two forms of AoWS:O exist: The text stories and the graphic novel adaption.

While the text stories are released sporadically as they are released, the graphic novel version has not yet been released. You may download all released AoWS:O stories below.

Age of Warscape

Currently, Age of Warscape is unreleased. When the game is ready for testing, it will be available for download here.

The game is currently in Development Phase, meaning that core development for the game is underway. Expected release date for ALPHA testing is unknown, though it is predicted that the game will be available for ALPHA testing in approximately a year.