Age of Warscape

Journey through the broken world of Uloff and put an end to the destructive war between factions. Coming soon to PC.


Will you be the one to end the hate, carnage, and destruction of the Great War? Will you be the one to lead your faction to victory?

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  • Pre-Register for Age of Warscape Now! October 18, 2018
    Hello everyone! While Age of Warscape has not been released yet, nor is it open for testing, it is possible to reserve your spot for when the game drops! Anybody can now Pre-Register an Age of Warscape Account, which, not only reserves your username and your chance to play the game, but also allows you […]

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  • ProfileWelcome to the Dev Blog!
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    Welcome to the developer blog! Here, the Age of Warscape Developers post news, screenshots, artwork, and diaries. Along with the community section, this is one of our best mediums to communicate what has been happening behind-the-scenes with the playerbase. It also allows us to showcase upcoming content, and give general information on what everybody should be expecting. Be sure to keep an eye on these posts. You never know if we post something important.. or if we post something super cool […]

Age of Warscape: Coming Soon to PC